Unique design

Dear customer,

Our excellent graphic and sewing staff allows us to create the 3D pillow you have dreamed of. Whether it is a special design, your own car, or any special object for you that you would love to see while lying in bed!

In order to be able to make the 3D pillow you dreamed of for you, it is important for us to know even the smallest details. So please help us with our work by filling in the following sections.

There is no obligation to submit an interest. Once you have written us the parameters of your dreamed pillow, we will give you feedback within a few days on how much we can make it for you.

    If it is a car, write the model, if it's not a car, then provide some details.

    Don't forget to mention the color!

    Upload an image of the original car / product - max. 5MB